• Gilad Goldschmidt

    Set in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, "A Green Chariot" is a drama about identity, belonging and romance. Yair (Vitali Freedland), a twenty-year-old Russian immigrant, yearns for acceptance as an Israeli, so he disconnects himself from his father and his secular Russian friends, finds a modern Orthodox girlfriend, and joins a religious/nationalist youth movement, Bnei Akiva. But on the eve of his wedding to Dafna (Daniela Wirzer), his world is upended and his new life is jeopardized. Rummaging through a package sent by his aunt, Yair, known in Russian as Sasha, discovers a crucifix. His father assures him that his late mother was thoroughly Jewish, but admits that his maternal grandmother was a Christian. For Yair, who has adopted Orthodoxy and is engaged to be married to an Orthodox woman, the revelation could unravel everything. 

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    Starring: Vitali Freedland, Daniela Virtzer, Pavel Tsitrinal, Lucy Dubinchik
  • Raphaël Nadjari

    According to filmmaker Raphaël Nadjari, Israeli cinema has gone through two stages. The first, from 1933-1978, began with the nature of Zionism and exaultation of the Israeli endeavor in Palestine and ended in a more personal study of the Ashkenazi psyche. The second stage, from 1978-2005, was defined by a greater diversity of topics as filmmakers tackled everything from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the contradictions of modern life. A HISTORY OF ISRAELI CINEMA tells the story of the building of a gaze on a society torn by ethnics, religious, and political conflicts. It attempts to understand, to denounce, and to explore these complex subjects, always searching for the right ethic, the right form. A History of Israeli Cinema is the result of years of research, studies, documentation, screening, and interviews. Actors, thinkers, producers, filmmakers, professors, and critics worked to build a narrative that remains fragile and incomplete. It is the process rather than the result that is shared here.

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    Starring: Naftali Alter, Mohammed Bakri, Haim Bouzaglo
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