• Amos Gitai

    In Tel Aviv, the gloomy Ezra hires foreign workers without permits to build an addition to a homely block of flats, where his ex-wife Mali lives with her current lover Ilan. Ezra and Mali's young son Eyal hates the army and is AWOL, living among prostitutes and drug dealers. Gabi, a beautiful young woman who's a friend of Mali's, is carrying on an affair with Hezi, an older man insisting on secrecy. Hezi rents an apartment at the building for their trysts. Neighbors complain about the noise of their lovemaking and of the construction. Lives in this apartment complex revolve slowly one around another, and in Israeli society, "Everyone's out for himself".

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    Starring: Hana Laszlo, Uri Klauzner, Ronit Elkabetz, Amos Lavi, Lupo Berkowitch, Liron Levo, Yosef Carmon, Amit Mestechkin, Lyn Hsiao Zamir, Tomer Russo, Carmel Betto, Dalit Kahan, Kobi Zahavi, Eyal Elhadad, Meital Tzadiki, Ilan Appel, Hu Hanzhou, Kiang Fang, Fang Heguo, Yael Abecassis
  • Michal Aviad

    Over twenty years after Lily, a left-wing activist, and Nira, a reserved television editor, were raped by the same serial rapist, an unexpected encounter brings them together. Based on a real man who terrorized Tel Aviv in the 70s, the press named Lily and Nina's assaulter the well-mannered "Polite Rapist", due to his predilection for imprisoning women and interspersing rape with lengthy conversations. So intense is the chance meeting between them that the women find themselves digging into their pasts, stirring up memories, and trying to bridge the gap between the victims they once were and the people they have become.

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    Starring: Jenya Dodina, Ronit Elkabetz, Sivan Levy
  • Uri Zohar

    This film is much more than just a beach movie; it depicts the struggle of individuals who are not ready to change and grow up. Gute (Uri Zohar) is an aging lifeguard, responsible for the Tel Aviv beach. With a few other eccentric characters, including his best friend Eli, he lives his life with no great goals or meaning. Pretty soon, he'll get slapped by his superior, rejected by a beach hussy, and ridiculed by a couple of teenagers and a beloved whore. Only then will he understand that the world is moving on, with or without him.

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    Starring: Uri Zohar, Sima Eliyahu, Tzvi Shissel, Arik Einstein, Mona Silberstein, Mordecai Ben-Ze'ev, Motti Mizrahi
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