• Hilla Medalia

    Happy You're Alive documents the tragedy of battle in the West Bank and the lasting effects of war on two men, as they struggle to put their combat experiences behind them. Their difficult return to civilian life after the terror of the battlefield has been captured on film over a span of more than two years. Each man deals with the haunting memories of war differently, with one turning to music and one to therapy; both stories show that the will and strength to survive can be found even in the face of the most unimaginable pain.

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    Starring: Kobi
  • Yehoram Gaon

    Yehoram Gaon celebrates his hometown of Jerusalem through travelouges, history and poetic hymns. This film was produced during the post-Six Day period when the city of Jerusalem and its people were united with one another. It is a musical love-letter to the city and the people of Jerusalem, filled with dramatic sequences and colorful names and synonyms of the city. 

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    Starring: Yehoram Gaon, Hani Nahmias, Rahel Zimmerman
  • Ofer Naim

    This is the amazing story of the famous Israeli vocalist, Ofra Haza, about her rise to the top and the scerets surrounding her untimely and mysterious death. Ofra, the youngest of nine children, grew up in the poor Tel Aviv neighborhood of Hatikvah. The love of her Yemenite Jewish culture, infused into her songwriting and singing, allowed her to reach a broad-based Middle Eastern audience. But reaching the pinnacle of her career was not enough for Ofra Haza--she desperately wanted to fall in love and marry. At 38, she met Doron Ashkenazi, the man who was to become her husband, and married him in July 1997. He took complete control of her career and life, firing all of those who had managed and steered Ofra's career. Two and a half years later, on February 23, 2000, she was declared dead. The film takes an intimate look at Ofra Haza's life and death through interviews of many famous people who knew her and worked with her, to unravel the mystery of her life and death.

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    Starring: Ofra Haza
  • Avi Nesher

    This offbeat musical directed by Avi Nesher follows a dozen members of the military entertainment troupe, whose mission is to entertain the Israeli Army following the Six Day War in 1967. Although the performers are not at the front lines, they, too, suffer tensions, learning to get along, making and breaking romances--all while competing to become the best performer in the troupe and to receive coveted television coverage.

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    Starring: Gidi Gov, Liron Nirgad, Sassi Keshet, Doval'e Glickman, Meir Suissa, Smadar Brener, Dafna Armoni, Gali Atari, Chelli Goldenberg, Gilat Ankori
  • Patrick McGrady and Stephen Fry

    Enter the world of history's most controversial composer. Actor Stephen Fry is a devoted fan of Richard Wagner's music - and so was Hitler. Fry is Jewish and acutely aware of the complexity of his enthusiasm for Richard Wagner. Can Fry disentangle the music he loves from its poisonous links with Hitler? Featuring behind-the-scenes footage of the Bayreuth Festival, the annual festival held in Wagner's honor and showcasing his music, and a full soundtrack of Wagner's famous music, this film explores the life and legacy of one of the world's most famous composers--and poses the question of if it's possible to separate the art from the artist. 



    Starring: Stephen Fry
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