Mental Illness

  • Niv Klainer

    Amos is a mental health worker, widower, and father to Yurik, a mentally ill teenager. One day, while visiting one of his patients, Amos discovers Bena, an illegal Thai immigrant. Instead of turning her in, Amos brings her home to care for Yurik. As a fragile, warm and intimate relationship develops between Bena & Amos, Yurik grows jealous and starts to abuse Bena. With no one to turn to, and with Amos' refusal to hospitalize Yurik, Bena is trapped in a precarious situation...

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    Starring: Dafna Armoni, Aryeh Cherner, Michael Moshonov, Eyal Nachmias, Guy Salman, Rachel Santillan, Shmuel Vilozni
  • Udi Aloni

    A daring hybrid of realism and fantasy, Forgiveness is a psychological thriller that explores the tragedies of the Middle East. David, a young American-Israeli, returns to Israel to join the army, only to find himself in a catatonic state after accidentally shooting a Palestinian girl while on patrol. He is committed to a mental institution which sits on the ruins of a Palestinian village. The head psychiatrist tries to cure him with medication, while another patient in the hospital, a Holocaust survivor, tries to redeem him by opening his heart to the ghost that haunts him. He returns to New York under his father's care, believing that his horrific past is behind him…until his love for a Palestinian woman brings his trauma back to the surface.

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    Starring: Itay Tiran, Clara Khoury, Moni Moshonov, Makram Khoury, Tamara Mansour, Ruba Blal, Michael Sarne
  • Hilla Medalia

    Happy You're Alive documents the tragedy of battle in the West Bank and the lasting effects of war on two men, as they struggle to put their combat experiences behind them. Their difficult return to civilian life after the terror of the battlefield has been captured on film over a span of more than two years. Each man deals with the haunting memories of war differently, with one turning to music and one to therapy; both stories show that the will and strength to survive can be found even in the face of the most unimaginable pain.

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    Starring: Kobi
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