• Boaz Davidson

    Alex is a thirteen year old boy who is about to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah. Alex has typical Polish parents who work hard to make ends meet. On account of their difficult economic situation, they are compelled to share their apartment with a Persian tenant named Faruk that tries to fight his baldness by means of different creams. But when Alex falls in love with the new girl in his class, Mimi, his aunt Lola arrives in Israel from Poland to search for lost love. Alex falls for his aunt and she on her part gives him more than just maternal love. This film is notable for its careful reconstruction of the '50s, known as the Austerity period in Israel.

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    Starring: Sharon Hacohen, Uri Kabiri, Avi Kushnir, Hana Rot, Jospeh Shiloach, Eitan Anshel
  • Niv Klainer

    Amos is a mental health worker, widower, and father to Yurik, a mentally ill teenager. One day, while visiting one of his patients, Amos discovers Bena, an illegal Thai immigrant. Instead of turning her in, Amos brings her home to care for Yurik. As a fragile, warm and intimate relationship develops between Bena & Amos, Yurik grows jealous and starts to abuse Bena. With no one to turn to, and with Amos' refusal to hospitalize Yurik, Bena is trapped in a precarious situation...

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    Starring: Dafna Armoni, Aryeh Cherner, Michael Moshonov, Eyal Nachmias, Guy Salman, Rachel Santillan, Shmuel Vilozni
  • Leonid Prudovsky

    Yigal is a divorced taxi driver who remains in close contact with his ex-wife and her new husband, in order to be close to his son. His personal dream is to visit Paris, but he is terrified of flying--even though it's only a five hour flight from Tel Aviv. Picking up his son from afternoon choir practice, Yigal slowly and tentatively becomes emotionally involved with his son's music teacher, an immigrant from Russia. At first glance, the two seem to be from different worlds - while Yigal is an uneducated taxi driver, the music teacher is worldly and educated. Nonetheless, they enjoy spending time together and a gentle and sweet relationship develops between the two opposites, which begins to grow more and more complex...

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    Starring: Helena Yaralova, Dror Keren, Michael Warchaviak, Yoram Toledano, Vladimir Freidman, Dorit Lev-Ari
  • Leonid Prudovsky

    Marcelo is a non-religious young man, an actor and a single parent to his eleven years old daughter, Lucy. He`s desperately looking for someone to help him improve his Hebrew accent so he can pass the auditions for an Israeli Soap Opera. Anat, his religious teacher, is probably the best solution, but she hates soap operas and is not so fond of her pupil either. Besides, Anat has her own problems, mainly her mother Bruria: an energetic,  pushy lady frantically seeking a perfect match for her daughter who has already passed the proper age to marry.

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    Starring: Esteban Gottfried, Tal Lifshitz, Fira Kantor, Abraham Mor, Dana Reiter, Clara Stav, Vladimir Fridman and Gilat Ankori
  • Rado Michelenko

    The year is 1984, and thousands of Africans from 26 different countries are struck by famine and flee to camps in Sudan. Israel and the United States begin a joint initiative to airlift thousands of Ethiopian Jews to Israel. Desperate to save her son from starvation and death, a Christian Ethiopian mother convinces her son to declare himself Jewish. Considered an orphan, the boy is adopted by a French Sephardi family that lives in Tel-Aviv. He grows up with the fear that his secrets and lies will be exposed: he is neither a Jew nor an orphan--only a little boy far from home.

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    Starring: Zem Roschdy, Moshe Agazai, Moshe Abeba
  • Pini Tavger

    Pinhas and his mother are new immigrants from Russia. His mother barely makes a living working night shifts and devotes her spare time to an affair she has with a married man. On the third floor of their building lives a religious family. Pinhas is drawn to the warmth and unity that characterize them and meets a girl his age, and her older brother, who slowly introduces him to religion.

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    Starring: Evgenya Dodina, Anthony Berman, Yonatan Rozen, Michael Coresh
  • Ephraim Kishon

    This sharp, often hilarious satire that became the most successful film in Israeli history, is about new immigrants Sallah and his family, who are left in a shack near their promised apartment and are abandoned for months. A Yemenite Jewish family that was flown to Israel during "Operation Magic Carpet"--a clandestine operation that flew 49,000 Yemenite Jews to Israel the year after the state was formed--is forced to move to a government settlement camp. The patriarch of the family, portrayed by Chaim Topol, tries to make money and get better housing, in a country that can barely provide for its own and is in the midst absorbing hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees from Arab countries. This hilarious portrayal of immigrants in Israel won a Golden Globe Award and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film, putting Israel on the international film stage for the first time.

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    Starring: Chaim Topol, Geula Nuni, Gila Almagor, Shraga Friedman, Zaharira Harifai, Shaike Levi, Nathan Meisler, Esther Greenberg, Mordecai Arnon
  • Amir Hasfari, Shmuel Hasfari

    Miriam is heartbroken because she cannot bury her husband, who committed suicide, in the cemetery of the moshav her family founded. Ana, who has traveled from Russia to bury her father’s ashes in the same cemetery, also runs into roadblocks, and, to her surprise, falls in love. Despite a number of ingenious attempts, the efforts of the two women are thwarted at every turn. Can they succeed against the cemetary politics? This bittersweet comedy leaves a warm, haunting feeling that continues on after the film ends.

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    Starring: Miryam Zohar, Tal Friedman, Yehuda Levi, Assaf Ashtar, Hana Azoulay Ashtar, Ania Bukstein, Sharon Elimelech, Vladimir Friedman, Israel Katorza, Amos Lavi, Dov Navon, Yamit Sol
  • Felix Gerchikov

    Slava and his friends, a group of young Russian immigrants, are out of place, frustrated and alone in the harsh setting of a small desert town in Southern Israel. Victor, an older immigrant who used to be a soccer coach, suggests they set up a soccer team to compete in the local tournament. The soccer field becomes their home away from home, the place where they can be themselves, and where they can prove their worth: to themselves, to each other, and most importantly – to the new world in which they find themselves.

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    Starring: Daniel Bruck, Arthur Marchenko, Vitaly Fridland, Niko Nikoleiv, Yigal Reznik, Vladimir Freidman, Sirk M. Sabhat, Anna Stefan
  • Avi Nesher

    A group of families emmigrates from India to Israel in the late sixties, seeking a better life in what they believe to be the first outpost of the West in Asia. To their surprise, they are sent to a new settlement in the middle of the desert, populated mostly by Moroccan Jews. The two cultures clash as the group tries to integrate into the community, and are faced by harsh realities. But despite the conflicts and prejudices, young love develops between two girls from opposite sides of the struggle. The film finds a perfect combination between humor and sentiment in a very real and very difficult situation.

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    Starring: Neta Garty, Liraz Charhi, Aure Atika, Jean Benguigui, Parmeet Sethi, Kruttika Desai, Ruby Porat Shoval, Rotem Abuhab, Israel Katorza
  • Moshon Salmona

    Vasermil tells the story of a group of adolescents who live in the same tough neighbourhood of Beer-Sheba, growing up in an unforgiving environment, pinning their hopes on football as a way out. Shlomi lives with his widowed mother and works as a pizza boy; Adiel, who is of Ethiopian descent, has to look after his young brother and sick mother; and Dima is a new immigrant from Russia, whose family barely makes ends meet. United by a coach in their shared passion for football, the three must learn to work together, accept each others' difference, and overcome old prejudices--to compete for the game and for a brighter future.

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    Starring: David Tepiltzky as Dima, Adiel Zamro as Adiel, Nadir Eldad as Shlomi
  • Arik Kaplun

    This charming, entertaining film, full of warm humor and sentiment, swept the recent Israeli Awards in almost every category. Three parallel sories of love unfold in Israel during the Gulf War with Iraq, as the people retreat into thier homes and shelters to avoid the  lethal scud attacks. Yana, a Russian immigrant abandoned by her husband, is pregnant and in debt, but when she moves into a flat with wedding photographer Eli and the two are forced into a sealed room from the fear of chemical weapons, sparks fly. At the same time, formal and businesslike Rosa finds love, while Alik and his wife learn the meaning of loving commitment and transform each other into better people.

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    Starring: Evelyne Kaplun, Nir Levy, Shmil Ben Ari, Mosko Alkalay, Dalia Friedland, Vladimir Friedman, Israel Damidov, Lana Sachanova, Jenya Fleisher, Evyatar Lazar, Lucy Dubinchik, Valentin Nikulin, Aleksandr Stanilov
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