• Dani Menkin

    The inspirational and humorous non-fiction account of a remarkable man and his remarkable life. Ami Ankilewitz was diagnosed with an extremely rare and often fatal form of spinal muscular atrophy (type 2) that severely limits physical growth and movement. Yet at thirty-four years of age, he continues to outlive a doctor's prediction of life expectancy by twenty-eight years... and counting. Ami, who weighs only thirty-nine pounds, works in Israel as a 3D animator and creates his art despite the fact that his bodily motion is limited to a single finger on his left hand. In doing so, he continues to redefine notions of a "limited" life. The film follows Ami's journey in search of the doctor who predicted his early demise. Along the way, Ami attempts to come to terms with another major incident from his past and to complete a lifelong dream: to ride a Harley-Davidson across America.

    For more information visit the Israel Film Center

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