• Raphaël Nadjari

    According to filmmaker Raphaël Nadjari, Israeli cinema has gone through two stages. The first, from 1933-1978, began with the nature of Zionism and exaultation of the Israeli endeavor in Palestine and ended in a more personal study of the Ashkenazi psyche. The second stage, from 1978-2005, was defined by a greater diversity of topics as filmmakers tackled everything from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the contradictions of modern life. A HISTORY OF ISRAELI CINEMA tells the story of the building of a gaze on a society torn by ethnics, religious, and political conflicts. It attempts to understand, to denounce, and to explore these complex subjects, always searching for the right ethic, the right form. A History of Israeli Cinema is the result of years of research, studies, documentation, screening, and interviews. Actors, thinkers, producers, filmmakers, professors, and critics worked to build a narrative that remains fragile and incomplete. It is the process rather than the result that is shared here.

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    Starring: Naftali Alter, Mohammed Bakri, Haim Bouzaglo
  • Dror Sabo

    It is the height of summer and the reality show "His Heart's Choice" is just about to launch its third season. Zacky Reibenbach, the show's creator, knows that without a really good gimmick, there is no way he will repeat the success of the previous two seasons. Then he remembers his film student, Yehuda Konitz. Yehuda has been documenting the rehabilitation of his friend Eitan for the past three years after the latter went blind under strange circumstances during his military service. His unique rehabilitation process was developed by Yael, Eitan's personal trainer and Yehuda's girlfriend. Yael is Eitan's eyes, and with her he is a true phenomenon--exactly what Reibenbach is looking for. Yet when Yehuda accepts Reibenbach's offer of fifty grand to help his movie, in exchange for putting "the phenomenon and the trainer" on the show, he finds himself drawn into Reibenbach's deceptions, as well as the shady, glitzy world of reality television, and on a downward spiral towards a dead end... 

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    Starring: Noa Barkai, Ofer Sechter, Levi Gershon, Gal Zaid, Amnon Wolf, Eran Sarel, Hadas Moreno, Meital Ben Hemo, Michael Moshonov, Yaron Motola, Maya Gasner, Asi Azar, Amit Lior
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