• Julie Shles

    Joy Levine lives in an old apartment that, in total contrast to her, is shabby and worn-out on the outside while well-kept and filled with joy on the inside. Her life changes when she signs up as a candidate for a TV show named "Gotta Be Happy". To her astonishment, she is chosen to throw a surprise party for her parents on the upcoming show, to be aired after Yom Kippur and with forgiveness as its theme. However, there is a price: she has to let the viewers into her private inner world and share with them an event that has haunted her family for the past twenty-two years. The fun and games expected from such a show is jeopardized by a string of events threatening to shatter the already cracked family. Can Joy take the lead and bring her family to happiness?

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    Starring: Sigalit Fuchs, Tal Friedman, Dorit Lev-Ari, Keren Mor, Alexander Senderovich, Eliran Caspi, Rivka Michaeli, Yossi Pollak, Michal Yannai
  • Amos Gitai

    Rivka and Malka are two Orthodox Jewish sisters living in one of the most traditional communities in Jerusalem, and both are coming up against conflicts between their faith and their gender. Rivka and Meir have been married for 10 years, but are childless. Despite his real love for his wife, Meir feels he must follow tradition and take another, fertile wife. Meanwhile, Malka goes through with an arranged marriage, despite having fallen for a young student. When the realities of her enclosed world become clear to her, she is faced with a choice: to become just another womb, or to face leaving the only community she has ever known.

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    Starring: Leah Koenig, Meital Barda, Samuel Calderon, Uri Ran Klauzner, Yael Abecassis, Yoram Hattub, Yussef Abu-Warda
  • Amir Hasfari, Shmuel Hasfari

    Miriam is heartbroken because she cannot bury her husband, who committed suicide, in the cemetery of the moshav her family founded. Ana, who has traveled from Russia to bury her father’s ashes in the same cemetery, also runs into roadblocks, and, to her surprise, falls in love. Despite a number of ingenious attempts, the efforts of the two women are thwarted at every turn. Can they succeed against the cemetary politics? This bittersweet comedy leaves a warm, haunting feeling that continues on after the film ends.

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    Starring: Miryam Zohar, Tal Friedman, Yehuda Levi, Assaf Ashtar, Hana Azoulay Ashtar, Ania Bukstein, Sharon Elimelech, Vladimir Friedman, Israel Katorza, Amos Lavi, Dov Navon, Yamit Sol
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