• Production: Hagar Films
  • Starring: Uri Zohar, Josie Katz, Alona Einstein, Tzvi Shissel, Yehudit Sula, Shalom Hanoch, Arik Einstein
  • Distributed By: IsraeliFilms
  • Country: Israel
  • Language: Hebrew

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The Snail (Shablul)

Documentary | 1970 | 80 min.
Directed by: Boaz Davidson

This musical, quasi-documentary film follows the making of the music album "shablul" by Arik Einstein and Shalom Hanoch. Influenced by The Beatles, interspesed with humorous skits, and loaded with classic songs from Einstein and Hanoch, "The Snail" brings back the 60s and the Israeli pop and rock scene.

Read more about The Snail at the Israel Film Center

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