• Production: Gemini Film, BBR Productions
    Producers: Luc Chatelain, Moshe Edery, Suzanne Girard, Debra Kouri, Dagmar Niehage, Klaus Rettig, Ilan Sagiv, Gerhard Schmidt, Dudi Zilber, Dan Verete
  • Starring: Tomer Ben David, Moshe Ivgy, Avi Kushnir,Rita Shukrun, Bassam Zo'amat Ulrich Matschoss, Rolf Nagel, Oliver Warsitz, Bjorn Wenner
  • Written By: Dan Verete and Thomas Stiller
  • Distributed By: IsraeliFilms
  • Country: Israel
  • Language: English, German, Hebrew

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Metallic Blues

Narrative | 2004 | 90 min.
Directed by: Dan Verete

Two Israeli car dealers, Shmuel and Siso, invest five thousand American dollars into a vintage 1985 Lincoln Continental Limousine that they plan to sell in Germany for fifty grand. But when they take it there, they run into problems with the customs police, who are suspicious of Middle Easterners with a huge American gas guzzler. The routine search causes Shmuel to experience a disturbing hallucination about WWII Germany and the Nazis his parents fled from some sixty years earlier. And their adventure in Germany turns into a struggle just to make it out safely, as the echoes of the past catch up with them.

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Critical Acclaim

Israeli Academy Awards:
*Best Supporting Actor

Jerusalem Film Festival:
*Best Screenplay

Israeli Film Festival of Paris

Montreal International Film Festival

Toronto International Film Festival

Warsaw International Film Festival

San Francisco International Film Festival

Seattle International Film Festival

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