• Production: EZ Films, Norma Productions
  • Starring: Sasha Avshalom Agrounov, Shlomi Avraham, Henry David, Tzahi Grad, Anton Ostrovsky, Rotem Zussman
  • Written By: Guy Meirson, Renen Schorr, Moshe Zonder
  • Distributed By: EZ Films
  • Country: Israel
  • Language: Hebrew, Russian

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The Loners

Narrative | 2009 | 88 min.
Directed by: Renen Schorr

When two loner Russian soldiers are caught smuggling arms and arrested, they do not want to lose their honor as soldiers. Despite being accused of a crime that is unforgivable in military society, they want to hold onto their dignity and to go through an honorable military trial. The military is not at all concerned with their wishes, and pushes to get them tried as civilians. Bluchin and Glory, the soldiers, are forced into a civilian prison--and decide to retaliate.

This human drama, in Russian and Hebrew, is based on events that took place in a military prison in northern Israel in 1997, and shows what lengths people will go in desperation.

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Critical Acclaim

Ophir Award:
*Best Actor in Lead Role

Jerusalem Film Festival

Pusan International Film Festival

Boston Jewish Film Festival

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