• Production: Roll Films, Yair Pradelsky, Yisrael Ringel
  • Starring: Mike Burstyn, Igor Borisov, Ze'ev Berlinski
  • Written By: Joel Silberg
  • Distributed By: United King Films
  • Country: Israel
  • Language: Hebrew, English Subtitles

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Kuni Lemel in Cairo

Narrative | 1983 | 90 min.
Directed by: Joel Silberg

Rabbi Kuni Lemel has just finished a Torah and is going to donate it to a congregation in Cairo. In exchange for the Torah scroll, the congregation in Cairo will give Kuni's congregation some antique coins valued at a million dollars. Kuni's twin brother's bosses hear about it and they make Muni dress up as Kuni so that he will get the coins instead. Muni gives the coins back to Kuni and the movie ends with a bunch of dancing Hassidim.

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