• Production: Agav Films
    Producers: Michael Tapuah, Amos Gitai
  • Starring: Leah Koenig, Meital Barda, Samuel Calderon, Uri Ran Klauzner, Yael Abecassis, Yoram Hattub, Yussef Abu-Warda
  • Written By: Eliette Abecassis, Amos Gitai
  • Distributed By: Kino International
  • Country: Israel
  • Language: Hebrew

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Narrative | 1999 | 110 min.
Directed by: Amos Gitai

Rivka and Malka are two Orthodox Jewish sisters living in one of the most traditional communities in Jerusalem, and both are coming up against conflicts between their faith and their gender. Rivka and Meir have been married for 10 years, but are childless. Despite his real love for his wife, Meir feels he must follow tradition and take another, fertile wife. Meanwhile, Malka goes through with an arranged marriage, despite having fallen for a young student. When the realities of her enclosed world become clear to her, she is faced with a choice: to become just another womb, or to face leaving the only community she has ever known.

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Critical Acclaim

"Although I am sure happy lives can be led and happy marriages created within such [a strict society]--and I realize that the story of "Kadosh" may be an extreme example, not typical--I left the film with the thought that if God in his infinite love cannot gather both sexes into his arms equally, then I would like to sit down with him and ask him, respectfully, what his problem is." - Roger Ebert

"An alternately angry and sad portrait, passionate in its presentation and moving in its portrayal of individuals who sacrifice their love for the tenets of their religion." - Sean Axmaker, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“A poignantly disturbing look at the social contradictions inherent in a lifestyle bound by religious duty.” –Emily Bobrow, Film Journal International


*Best Foreign Film - British Independent Film Awards (2000) 
*Freedom of Expression Award - National Board of Review
*USA Best Asian Screenplay - Singapore International Film Festival

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