• Production: Eyal Shiray, Amos Gitai, Michael Tapuach, Laurent Truchot
  • Starring: Moshe Ivgy, Hanna Maron, Dalit Kahan
  • Written By: Amos Gitai, Jacky Cukier
  • Distributed By: France Televisions Distributio, Kino Lorber
  • Country: Israel
  • Language: Hebrew

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Day After Day (Yom Yom)

Narrative | 1998 | 97 min.
Directed by: Amos Gitai

A slice of life - day after day - in Haifa, where Moshe and Didi's marriage is on the rocks, his affair with his mistress is going downhill, and Moshe's angst about health, his parents, sex, communication, and business dominate his life. He has many problems, to say the least. Moshe's mother is Jewish, his father an Arab; his father may or may not sell ancestral land; his wife and mistress have lovers, one is a close friend; much of Moshe's surroundings seem under construction or in renovation. As he becomes entangled in his confusing family relations and divided ancestry, he finds himself put to the test in ways that change his ordinary existence into something far more complicated.

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Critical Acclaim

"Exploits the comedy of Moshe's predicament without robbing the character of his dignity… Lighted by...sparks of formal bravado that recall the old radicalism of the French New Wave." –A.O. Scott, New York Times

"A darkly comic tale. Gitai's genius is to show the conflict infiltrating every encounter, from the market place to the bedroom." - Leslie Camhi, The Village Voice

"An offbeat, grimly funny look at the gradual wreckage of a man's life." - George Robinson, The Jewish Week

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