• Production: Leon Edery, Moshe Edery Metro Communications
  • Starring: Ohad Knoller, Oshri Cohen, Itay Tiran, Eli Eltonyo
  • Written By: Ron Leshem, Joseph Cedar
  • Distributed By: Kino International
  • Country: Israel
  • Language: Hebrew

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Narrative | 2007 | 131 min.
Directed by: Joseph Cedar

Located in southern Lebanon, Beaufort Castle is one of the few medieval forts utilized by modern military forces, and provided Israeli forces with an important strategic position during the South Lebanon War. This film takes place at the end of this 18-year war as IDF troops prepare to abandon the fort and return home. Liraz Liberti, leading the troops at Beaufort, must come to terms that they must evacuate--after having spent so long defending the fortress. Chronicling the soldiers' daily lives, their hopes and fears, and the moral dilemnas of wartime, this claustrophobic film has been compared to Letters From Iwo Jima and classic WWI bunker films. Completed just a month before the Second Lebanon War broke out, this movie provides a timely look at both the horrors and nobility of modern warfare.

For more information visit the Israel Film Center

Critical Acclaim

Berlinala 2007 - Silver Bear - Winner 

2007 Award of the Israeli Film Academy - Winner

Golden Kinnaree Award, 2007



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